Meadowland Exposition Center, New Jersey
November 8-9, 2017

Terrorism in America

As the war on Terror continues, never has Homeland Security and Public Safety been more Critical to our Nation’s Future.
Over the past few years the country has recognized the immediate need to redirect assets to protect our Citizens, our Borders and Ports of Entry, as well as across America.
Ongoing challenges such as Immigration Reform, improvement of Critical Infrastructure Security, Disaster Planning and Preparedness, Emergency Response, Cybersecurity, Public Safety, Campus Security, Terror Attacks and Urban Violence continue to escalate along with an urgency to improve our cities security.
We have only to look to our Cities, Counties and Local Community Public Safety Organizations to see where Homeland Security Funding has helped to make our local communities safer.

In the event of an emergency a host of the latest Incidence Response Vehicles, Products and Services arrive on the scene, which include Urban Defense Vehicles, Hazmat Equipment, Fire and Emergency Command Vehicles, and others.

The President recently reauthorized the transfer of Military Equipment to Cities, County and State governments in order to meet the growing threats we’ve witnessed across the country from San Bernardino to Orlando. The Trump administration has indicated that it will continue to expand the funding and equipment from the federal government to state and local law enforcement across the country.

Along with the innovative new products and services, comes an unprecedented need for Education, Instruction and Hands-On Training for Professionals at the State, City and County levels for Law Enforcement, Crisis Responders, County Executives, Cyber Security experts and public safety personal at the state and county level.

Additionally, Intensive Cooperative Emergency Management Alliances are being created within the State, County and Municipal Levels, to Integrate Major Applications, Coordinated Security Measures and Response Planning, to ensure National Security and Improve Public Safety on the State and Local Level.

Enter, ‘American Security Expo 2017’ – a Full Conference and Exhibit Venue designed for security professionals charged with protecting our Homeland Security and Safety at the all levels of Government.

The Two Day Exhibition and Conference will Feature the Latest Technologies and Solutions from Industry Leading Homeland Security Vendor Firms with a Full Line up of Speakers will address topics such as Cyber Security, Disaster Preparedness and Management, Disaster Response Planning, Immigration Issues, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response, Critical Infrastructure and Campus Security among others.
The American Security Expo 2017 will be held November 8-9, 2017, at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. There will be a host of Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities on the Show Floor as well as a Full schedule of Conferences Meetings and Speakers.
Sponsored by American Security Today

There will be a host of Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities on the Show Floor
as well as a Full schedule of Conferences Meetings and Speakers.

Department of Homeland Security U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Department of Defense Department of Justice
Federal Aviation Administration Military Officers
Government Officials Chamber of Commerce
Police Chiefs Company Owner/President/Vice President
County Police Directors State Law Enforcement Officers
Emergency Response Executives/Managers Department of Transportation/Port Authority/TSA
Office of Homeland Security Director of IT/Cyber Security
Public Safety Directors Disaster Preparedness
County and Legislative Government Office of Counter Terrorism
First Responder Directors Department of Health & Human Services
Immigration and Customs Department of Information Technology
County Sheriff’s Department of Public Safety Communications
State & Local Agencies Superior Courts
County Police Department Corporate Security Administrators
Facility Manger Training Directors

American Security Today Awards Program and Luncheon

The highlight of the 2017 American Security Expo will be the AST Homeland Security Awards Luncheon, which will take place the afternoon of November 8, 2017.
Our AST 2016 Homeland Security Awards program featured 75 Winning companies in a host of categories.
The Winners were showcased in our 124 page AST ASTORS Champions Edition that includes a review of all the Winning participants and highlights of outstanding products and technologies.
Our 2017 AST Homeland Security Awards Winners will again receive outstanding recognition, at our Awards Luncheon which will take place on November 8, 2017.
This program is dedicated to government officials at the federal, state and local levels who have created and executed effective security programs across the country and leading vendors of IT and Physical security who have researched, developed and supplied innovative security solutions during the past year.